Over-the-shoulder shots

As part of my research for my video, I was asked to research a type of film technique, and I have chosen the over-the-shoulder shot. Name of technique: Over-the-shoulder shots What it is: Over-the-shoulder shots is a shot with an actor’s shoulder Why it’s used: over-the-shoulder shots draw the viewer in by creating a sense of […]

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7 Elements

Name of digital story (include the web link too): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4iQ9B5ZWtg Element Rating (1 is poor, 5 is excellent) Comments (briefly explain your reasons for your rating) 1 2 3 4 5 Clear and individual point of view     3     Position not clear enough A dramatic question guides the story   2     […]

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Digital Story 2

Second Digital Story: STORY: What is the story? Basically Ben holds a sign for a living, and he loves his job more than almost anything. But today is his last day. What changes in the story? His job changes at the end. AUDIENCE: Who do you think the story is aimed at? Who is the […]

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Digital Story

When watching media, it helps to have a shared language that you can use to understand and critique the work. This “SAMS” (Story, Audience, Message, Style) approach can help me to analyse the media more effectively. STORY: What is the story? A person is telling the story of their parent’s life. What changes in the […]

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Interview Questions

To let you know more about me and to develop more ideas for a short story, I’ve decided to answers some questions about the topic”The most important person in my life.” Who is the person? In my life, there are many important people but to me, the most important person is going to be my […]

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The Starting Point

This is my hand and each finger represents something meaningful to me in life. To me, my thumb represents someone that I love and to me its family. For my index finger, represents the most important place. My middle finger represents the important place. My ringer finger represents important events. My pinky represents challenges in my […]

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