Script (DRAFT):

“I was only nine when he was gone, I was devastated nonetheless. when he was gone like everyone should be, it was hard for me but what the worst part is, is the word. It was nice day with a nice weather. I woke up and do the usual morning routine, and start revising. I was kind of a nerd when I was young. I was studying industriously, then suddenly my father came in the room and told me that him and mother are going to a business trip and have to take away straight away as something “urgent “ popped up and ask me to help them to carry their luggage. I wasn’t surprised they always leaves to business trips with no notice at all. This is why I’m not too close with my parents as they were almost never home, but I can always count on my  grandfather to do the parent-y things. As I heard their car driven away from the house, I went back to work as I was distracted by them heavily. Then about 2 hours later my sister came barging in my door, I was furious yet scared of her, she is the last person on earth that I want to messed with.  she came in telling me how she is going to her favourite band concert, and after 30 minutes of her bragging, she left. I started to resume my studies. After somewhat of studying time, I was starting to feel hungry. As I was nine I wasn’t been able to leave the house unsupervised, so I went to my grandfather as we were really close and he will teach me things that my father should teach. I still remember the time me and him and my sister went to Disneyland together, when I was crying because I was too short for a ride and he said to me, to this day I will remember his exact words “You can’t always expect everything to be perfect, always think for the worst or else you will just get disappointed just like you right now”. That was a lesson that I can never forget from him.

but suddenly his voice interrupted my thinking with a no. I was disappointed but yet confused so I turned to him and asked “ what’s going on?” he said”Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. What you do you must live your life to the fullest.” I thought he was going crazy at first so I ignored him, how stupid was I.


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