Last Lesson… (Final Script)

Last Lesson:

When I was young, I felt safe and warm. The reason for that being because I had a great mentor, my grandfather. He taught me a lot of great things in life, things that I would never learn at school. He was my grandfather, but to me, he was like a father to me. My father wasn’t really there all the time because of work, so I spent all my time with my grandfather instead. He taught me how to ride a bike, taught me how to play football, and he taught me a lot of different things.

I still remember that one time me and him went to Disneyland together, when I was crying because I was too short for a ride and he said to me, to this day I will still remember his exact words “You can’t always expect everything to be perfect, always think for the worst or else you will just get disappointed just like you right now”. That was a lesson that I can never forget from him. I was always a happy kid when I was around him, and most importantly I felt safe when he was around me.

It was sad for me to carry this burden when he passed away, but most importantly the lessons he taught me will never be passed.

It’s really hard for to lose someone, especially someone you really loved and admire then suddenly just passed in front of me. They say “time will heal everything.” I call that nonsense, it has been 7 years now and every day in my dorm room I still miss him and thinks about him. But this taught me how people can just pass away suddenly and it taught how to love my family and friends more. I guess you can say this was his “Last Lesson”.


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