Digital Story

When watching media, it helps to have a shared language that you can use to understand and critique the work. This “SAMS” (Story, Audience, Message, Style) approach can help me to analyse the media more effectively.


What is the story?

A person is telling the story of their parent’s life.

What changes in the story?

From the story of how their parents meet and how is mother suffered from different kind of health issues.


Who do you think the story is aimed at? Who is the audience for this piece?

Adult, or elderly.

How do you know? What in the piece tells you it was created for this audience?

It used a old fashioned way to make the video so that it is more stylish but younger audience will find it boring.


What is the message / are the messages of the story?

The message of the digital story is that cherish the moments with your family


How would you describe the style of this piece? Is it fiction or non- fiction? Is it poetic? Is it in a different format, like a letter? Is it a personal story?

It is a personal story.

What media and techniques do the artists used to convey their message? Did they use interviews, text, still images, video, performance, music etc.?

Many old pictures moving real quick to make it look like an animation.

How is the quality of the audio and visuals? Are they clear? Is the sound at a good volume? Are there objects or sounds that are distracting?

Everything was fine 🙂

How do the audio and visuals contribute to the message and the story?

It showed the audience how his parents looked like.


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