Interview Questions

To let you know more about me and to develop more ideas for a short story, I’ve decided to answers some questions about the topic”The most important person in my life.”

Who is the person?

In my life, there are many important people but to me, the most important person is going to be my grandfather.

How would you describe this person?

My grandfather was a really nice person and taught me a lot of life lessons. I can never forget the lessons he taught me. He was a family loving guy, and would do anything for the family. I really looked up to him. But most importantly without him there will be no me.

Is there an event/incident that best captures their character?

Yes of course, I remember that one time when me and him went to the Carnival and my wallet got stolen and he chased the thief through the whole carnival and got me back my wallet.

What about them do/did you most enjoy?

It was not the smile, not the lessons he taught that I most enjoyed off him. It was his motto of living his life. A man with that much passion just to protect his family, you can say he was my superman without a cape.

What about them drives you crazy?

There is this one tiny little thing that always drove me crazy when he does it, is when he change the channel while I’m watching the TV without consulting me.

What lesson did they give you that you feel is important?

It was his death. It taught me a lot of things in life, like how to love my family and friends, cherish the moment with your love and well alive ones, and don’t ever take anything for granted.

If you had something to say to them, that maybe they haven’t heard you say, what would it be?

If he was alive right now and can hear what I say, I would say “I love you.” This three little words may not seem much but i never let him know that. 😦


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