Planning to edit…

Here is final script that but with notes that shows what picture I’m going to put on with each sentence. This way it will be much more easier for me to edit. Last Lesson: There was always a man that I look up to when I was young, and he was my grandfather. He taught […]

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THIS IS THE VERY FIRST DRAFT OF MY SCRIPT!!! Script (DRAFT): “I was only nine when he was gone, I was devastated nonetheless. when he was gone like everyone should be, it was hard for me but what the worst part is, is the word. It was nice day with a nice weather. I woke […]

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The process

The process of recording the audio was really hard as we need to find a room that is silent or else it will interfere with the audio. We fist started out in the canteen which now we think of is really stupid. So after that, we tried everywhere around but still there was always background […]

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Storyboard (Final)

(Isn’t it disappointing to not see my final storyboard here 😦  ) So after showing my Storyboard draft to my teacher, I received some comments to improve on my storyboard. The main problem for my storyboard draft is that when I’m going to film it, it will be quite impossible to film as many shots require […]

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